Social Acitivities

Social service work undertaken by Hariom Ashrams under the guidance of Pujya shree Mota :-

“Upliftment of Society is my Mission.” – Mota.

meaning thereby to awaken it from slumber to true life in God.

From this we infer that if we consider Shri Mota’s work for the welfare of humanity as work merely for uplift and elevation of society, then our evaluation of Shri Mota’s true work will remain incomplete. Shri Mota’s mission was to awaken God in all, in the mass, that God manifesting His Power of Qualities should become the ideal for its Divinity or Divine Qualities; this was his major aim. We get a glimpse of his divine capability in his divinely inspired works.

Shri Mota believes that nobility and virtue and allied qualities are the manifest qualities of God or the Divine. For such unbroken form of virtue or nobility to descend into and emanate from man or society, any philanthropic work or any renunciation or selfless other work done, becomes a religious act or activity. If our vision is directed towards acts

Welfare Works :-

The following are the various activities for which donations are given through Hari Om Ashram.

  1.  Original and creative writing in a simple language, which a common man can understand. Publication of religious and devotional literature for major religions of  world. – to infuse grass root  understanding  among the children & citize
  2. Original and creative writing of short stories that evoke nobility, virtue and goodness among children.
  3. Writing of literature that promotes respect and good feelings towards our women folk, our mothers and sisters in society.
  4.  Writing of books of knowledge (Gyaan Gangotri) on all subjects. Publication of  Bala Bharati, Kishore Bharati on science and truths of all religions.
  5. To award medals to those doing rare acts of bravery, courage, integrity, valour, endurance and tolerance.
  6.  Schemes promoting healthy and strong bodies and good and noble qualities among women.
  7. Competition in writing essays that promote nobility, virtue and goodness among students.
  8. Sale and distribution of books that promote nobility, virtue and goodness among school children of the villages.
  9. Repair and renovation of old and dilapidated bathing  ghats  and help and aid to different social institutions.
  10. School scholarships to girls from backward classes and communities who pass S.S.C. with distinction and good ranks.
  11. Award of a large silver shield to one who does yeoman work in removal of un-touchability in the Kheda district of Gujarat.
  12. For building swimming pools in Nadiad, Surat and Rajpipla and organizing swimming competitions in rivers Narmada and Tapi,
  13. Sea swimming competition between Chorwad to Veraval ( Gujarat sea cost) – 32 nautical miles for male & 16 nautical miles for women for all India basis.
  14. Boat racing and Marathon running of  17 km. & fast walking race on all Gujarat basis..
  15. Thesis on philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and other subjects  organized through universities.
  16. Planting of fruit bearing trees, erection of public drinking water facilities, endurance tests, help to students, help to build schools in small villages, grains to birds of the air, medical aid to the needy etc.
  17. Publications explaining the terse verses of the Veds in a simple easy-to-understand style or language
  18. Schemes for great awards out of large sums from large foundations for research in sciences, agriculture, medicines, surgery, electronics, planetary and space sciences, for building strong and durable and economically viable buildings, in cities and villages every year.
  19. Trusts for spending on inculcating the importance of physical work in young students and for the physical training of young girls.
  20. Trusts for awards to male and female students in cycling and running competitions.
  21. Excursions on foot, hikes, boating expeditions, developing courage, bravery, fearlessness, sports and allied qualities among students of Gujarat University, various trusts for evolution of these traits.
  22. Competition in fine arts like dancing, singing, musical instrument playing and awards to outstanding artists.
  23. Publishing a translation of British encyclopedia on all subjects in alphabetical order, as also an encyclopedia on Gujarati literature.
  24. Encouraging original creation in various fields in the students of all universities at the Gujarat state level and holding competitive examination for their elevation and promotion and awards for these.
  25. Publication of epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagawat in three colours with illustrations and written in an easy-to-understand simple style.
  26. On the Gujarat State Level research in dry and wet agriculture, cultivation of garden products, horticulture, oceanography, oceanology, bio-geo-soil chemistry, botany, plant pathology, tropical diseases, engineering, technical subjects, manufacture of different colours, physical sciences – schemes for awards on all these for competitions organised by Gujarat State through various universities. Total amount collected from society and given away in donation on the above schemes is one crore.

From 23-7-1976 the date of his demise till date (2011) crores of rupees have been allotted for building schools in the most economically backward – interior areas of Gujarat where not a school room was existent.

Donations from 1956 to 31-3-2012 by Hariom Ashrams :-



  1. Construction of school’s rooms/ Hostel / Kitchen /Awards to school children for Bravery / Sports Etc.
  2. Relief in floods and famine,  natural calamities, help to theaffected people
  3. Awards for Fundamental research, invention, discoveryin diffrent subjects of science, Maths Etc.Awards for nobility, honesty & virtues for the service of mankind .
  • Rs. 14,50,03,650/-
  • Rs. 61,35,411/-
  • Rs. 72,01,965/-


Grand Total
Rs. 15,83,41,028/-

On account of this flow of philanthropy through Shri Mota even in the most interior parts of Gujarat 9295 school rooms have been built and other facilities for education have been created. Over 3 lakhs students have entered the portals of schools. This flow of students continues. Donations through Physical Research Laboratory of ISRO have helped in giving awards to and honoring various eminent scientists.

  1. Competitions in sea swimming and mountain climbing generate courage, physical daring, endurance, ability to face any dangerous situations, all of which qualities are vital for spiritual life. This competition or exercise does not demand of us the Earth and Water elements. For manifestation of the divine Light, Air and Space elements are necessary. But it is also necessary to develop the first two elements to conquer them for the divine victory. To conquer these elements and their ability to create storms and other atmospheric disturbances in their entirety sea swimming has been recommended. Mountain climbing helps us to go above, beyond and against Earth’s pull and hence this is recommended. The pull of the gross is strong in us. Therefore to go above and beyond it mountain climbing is prescribed. By just relying on the rope we go above Earth’s pull, the body learns to rise above it. This is the secret behind these competitions and adventures.
  2. Shri Mota has donated large amounts so that maximum research is encouraged in physical sciences and social subjects. For research in these subjects mental concentration is the first necessary condition. Once this concentration is achieved the consciousness force of a liberated, self-experienced soul enters into it and works in and through it. As a result much higher and greater results manifest. Shri Mota has explained that a scientist fully immersed in research is capable of self-realisation. But since he is not fully aware of it and its possibility he does not succeed or attain to that stage. Studying the research done during the last century, particularly in its last two decades he sees indications and signs of manifestation of force of consciousness and descent of divine power.It gives us great joy to know what great work is being done through this force or power of consciousness of the saints or liberated souls and what great results flow out of it. All this is done by God’s Power. If we can become more aware of all this, then the establishment of a real religion will become a reality, possible of achievement.
  3. Now Shri Mota in his last letter written on 19-7-1976 a few days before he passed into eternity had expressed his desire that whatever money poured into the coffers as a consequence of his death should be utilized in building school rooms in the most economically backward areas of Gujarat where there are no schools at all. To fulfill his last wish, the public of Gujarat came forward with great zeal and gave a magnificent response, as a result many poor children had a roof over their heads to sit under and study.The poor will now will have an opportunity to study, will develop grit, will be helped to stand on their legs. This is the first principle in eliminating poverty. By evoking sympathy in the hearts of the well-to-do of the cities for the poor villagers Shri Mota has reduced the gap between the rich and the poor and bridged the gulf between them. Alsothe students studying in these rooms will be indebted and grateful to Hari Om Ashram, and the donor not only expresses sympathy towards the poor but also lends a helping hand in their uplift.Thus the social welfare works truly promote the good and wellbeing of the poor of the society.