Silence Room - The place to understand Self


What For These Silence Rooms? These Silence Rooms An Experiment

The silence rooms are "Know Yourself Concept"

My Guru Maharaj had told me that, 'You will have to work out the result of the past actions for many souls linked to you through your past life, which could be both good and bad. But so work out and endure the result of past lives that they are benefited and elevated in their lives'. But I knew nothing about it then. Even today I have no knowledge of it. So I asked my Guru Maharaj, 'How am I to do it?' Then he asked me to build these Moun Rooms so that I work out my past actions in a way that elevates the psyche of all those who come into contact with me, so that they may cultivate love and goodwill for all and turn their mind and sight within, seated within these rooms, and work out their wellbeing. If a soul sits in these rooms twenty one days for twenty one times then he can progress considerably and work out his spiritual wellbeing. This is an indubitable truth. I am prepared to give it in writing. He can understand in the solitude of the silence rooms, how he is, what he is, how much beset by lust, greed, anger, attachment, love of the world etc. so that all these rise to up to the surface of his consciousness and he can awake to them and improve himself. Outlook of many also has changed and a new understanding has come in. Many have had similar experiences. This exercise I am now carrying out for the last twenty one years.


Real Pilgrimage

Divine life is very hard to live. But it is the only way to climb higher on the ladder to the Divine. Today we are caught in the dualities of life, good and bad, virtue and sin, so we are not aware of our real self. And our mind, budhi, vital and subliminal have no leisure to think of all this. For this purpose alone is this Ashram. Here a soul can dispassionately think about all this. Going to a pilgrimage spending thousands of rupees is in my view a waste of money and time, since a particular attitude and feeling necessary for this have not been cultivated. However in these rooms concentration, attention, ease and cheerfulness can be achieved; whereas this is not possible elsewhere. So this place is a true pilgrimage centre. Any one who bathes in the peace of this place will be benefited. I am not saying all this because it is my Ashram. But a worldly soul stuck neck deep in the affairs of worldly life will not understand its true worth; when Ganges flows near you, you do not know its true worth and value.

8 Rooms are available by Advance Booking only. These rooms are booked for the period of 7-14-21 nights stay. These rooms are running advance booking for next 10 months. Kindly contact Ashram for available dates. Contact Number : +91-261-2765564/2771046. Email :
One room is available for the period of minimum one night to maximum three nights.
This room is available on 1st come 1st serve basis, every Sunday.
Facilities in a room
1 Bed (Single) 1 Store room 1 Writing table with chair
1 Swings 1 Toilet and bathroom 1 Easy chair (comfort)
1 Library of spiritual books Prayer facility Hot Water
Emergency Bell    
Window Services (title) : 2 times Tea/Coffee/Milk, 2 Meals, flower tray, Dhoop, Laundry Services, All Emergency Services as required.
Charges Rs 5/day. The motto of Silence Room is for spiritual upliftment, hence token charge per night is Rs 5 only inclusive of all above facilities.

Solitide Necessary To Know Your Ture Self

He (Lord) has taken good care of His devotees at their most critical and trying times. Such experiments have been done by many. We may not all become God's, but even to know what is our nature, the nature of our thoughts, desires, we need solitude. When a man is utterly alone, quiet by himself, without any disturbance, in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, he can get to understand truly about himself. Others cannot get this vision of the self or true understanding of their mental get up. This creation is at the behest of my Guru Maharaj.


Good Iinfluence Of Moun Mandir Vibrations

We have not acquired the vision to know what life is. And they who sit in these rooms will feel/receive their good/strong influence, impressions and vibrations, and slowly improve. And through these they will work their good. The good impressions and vibrations received for twenty one days will not and cannot go in vain; while inside if we sing bhajans and utter prayers and live a life in harmony with all that then our feeling of love for this new life will ever remain bright and vibrant. By continuous practice we can see its benefits in our life. There are very few men in society in whose life such volcanic aspiration burns intensely.


Humble Appeal To Those Who Enter These Moun Rooms

My appeal to all those who sit in these rooms is that move with all those with whom you are closely connected with love, harmony, forgoing, enduring with love, cheerfully so that good-will accrue to you all and work your spiritual welfare. Everyone has to endure, forgo or sacrifice for others. If we do it willingly and lovingly and cheerfully then it is for your good. But if we do it reluctantly, willy-nilly then we shall suffer all the more. As long as we are in this world and of this world we have to endure and if we endure and have tolerance with love for all then that is real adoration and worship. And when we have to endure consider it as due to your past actions of previous lives. If we truly want to be happy then endure with love; we alone are the cause of such happiness or unhappiness. Some may complain, 'Why should I alone have to suffer?' But that is not right or proper. When we have thus to endure or suffer understand that it is due to your past actions' present result. We have thus to endure for others mutually, for society is made up of individuals like you and me. Only thus can society be uplifted. Only by renunciation can there be evolution. If we suffer and endure with love we rise higher; if we suffer reluctantly and grudgingly we fall. And the power and strength that we should acquire we do not acquire. He who endures and suffers with love and understanding is truly blessed. When endurance is our lot there can be no escape; we have also to renounce or forgo, there is no fleeing from it. As long as we are in the society we have to endure and forgo. If we do so grudging or grumbling then we will only sink further and further in this worldliness, this life of rivalry and strife, suffer more and even fall. If we think of others then we will be more and more unhappy, and wrong vibrations and influences will enter our being. Why collect such forged and invalid coins? What benefit will you derive from it? Only loss will accrue out of it. If you have to then endure and renounce willingly, cheerfully, with love and by enduring, forgoing we are only paying, clearing our past obligations and debts. One who sees others' faults or shortcomings is an ignoramus. He is unhappy on his own account, suffers for his own fault. Know and understand it is all due to your self, you are responsible for it all. If you endure willingly, cheerfully with love your life will shine bright, you will experience joy which is unique and unparalleled. But I see no one ready to acquire that joy and delight of life.